Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There's still hope: gun sales up

According to the BBC, applications to purchase handguns are up 43% in Colorado after the Aurora massacre. Liberals / communists / socialists must be confounded by this, because they are the only ones who don't understand how this stuff works.

In the interest of unity, etc., I'm going to do a public service for liberals. Bad guys have guns, and they will have guns regardless of gun laws. Good guys with guns have a chance to stop those bad guys. The good guys have a constitutional right to defend themselves, and to own guns.

There. See how easy it is?

So, why do liberals want to take away guns from the good guys? Because they believe we should all be 100% dependent on government, even for our own basic safety.

And here's something for the right wing. Next time you see a liberal huffing and puffing about how they hate it that some power still resides with The People, check carefully on the back of their head. Every liberal has a small string coming out of their head, with a plastic ring on the end of it. Pull that ring and they'll say, "Take away guns and raise taxes! Take away guns and raise taxes!" They'll keep chirping until the string is fully retracted into their head. It also works if you ring a bell or clap your hands twice.

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