Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thanks for the $25,000,000,000,000, Barack

At least five times on this blog I've mentioned the Media Dead Zone, those times when the fewest people pay attention to the news. The big ones are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, especially if they fall on a Friday. But any Friday is a dead zone because we're focused on the weekend, and not really paying attention to how our leaders are screwing us blue. I've begun paying more attention to current affairs on Fridays and holidays to see what kind of anvil these creeps are dropping on us. From Obamacare to the NDAA, the president's worst acts all occurred in the Media Dead Zone.

So, naturally, when I heard Obama released a budget projection on a Friday afternoon, I knew precisely what was in there -- something Obama had to release to the public, but didn't want the public to hear about.

Official projection for 2022 with Obama's spending habits: $25 trillion. I can think of trillions of reasons to vote the guy off the island.

For those keeping score, our debt will have climbed to over $16 trillion by year's end. It was $10.4 trillion on the day of Obama's inauguration, and is presently over $15 trillion. Yep, that's a 33% increase in three years. I hope you're all pleased with Marxist ideology.

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