Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holder pushes VoterID-racism angle at NAACP

Embattled AG Eric Holder spoonfed the NAACP exactly what they wanted to hear today -- that anyone who wants to stop voter fraud is somehow racist. FoxNews story here. This shell game is getting very tiring.

Which legal voter can't get a photo ID? How is this a problem, and why are other things requiring photo ID not a problem? The ability to drive a car and buy liquor require photo ID, so are these, too, racist programs?

I really don't get how anyone can say that stopping voter fraud equates to racism. I am aware of the left's arguments, that it's somehow less likely for minorities and immigrants to have photo ID, but why is that anyone's fault but their own? Anyone legally entitled to vote is also entitled to a photo ID. They are very easy to get.

The sad list is lengthening:

---If you want to end voter fraud, you're racist.

---If you object to the current president's policies, you're racist.

---If you want a balanced budget, you're racist.



Of course, we all know what's really happening here. The left doesn't want to lose the illegal immigrant vote, so they're using every tactic in their playbook, even stooping to the disingenuous race card, to keep those votes flowing.

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