Sunday, July 15, 2012

Communist media does a pole dance

It was amusing to hear NPR dance around the controversy over Obama's recent attacks on Mitt Romney. Even far-left, Obama-loving media are calling Obama dishonest. NPR talked about how some media outlets -- NPR "forgot" to mention The Washington Post -- have raised concerns about the honesty of the new anti-Bain attacks. NPR was able to find a "guest" who is an "expert" to say that Obama is just doing what politicians do, implying it's no big deal, and to be expected.

Romney fired back that he wasn't in charge of Bain at the time of outsourcing (as if that makes a difference when Democrats are making the U.S. uncompetitive for business), even though some SEC filings indicate he was. The Obama administration response was to insinuate that Romney may be a felon for these discrepancies.

Well, here's what the WaPo says about Obama's present line of attacks, a vector that earned them Three Pinocchios (out of four, presumably):
    Meanwhile, the weight of evidence suggests that Romney did in fact end active management of Bain in 1999. He stated that in a federal disclosure form he signed, under threat of criminal penalties. He said he was a “former employee” in a state disclosure form. A state commission concluded 10 years ago that he did, indeed, leave Bain in 1999. Investors in Bain funds were told he was not part of the management team.
The WaPo is, of course, a huge supporter of Obama, and even they could not accept the blatant dishonesty.

The whole thing is especially troubling when you consider that Obama's $800,000,000 stimulus plan, which resulted in a net loss of American jobs, actually created jobs overseas. Obama just keeps lying, and keeps fucking the country, comfortable in the knowledge that NPR will cover for them -- and the NYT, LAT, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and John Stewart. People who don't purposefully go out and find the truth -- the majority of Americans -- will remain ignorant. They will continue to believe that a fiscally responsible candidate with a clear track record of helping create jobs (Romney) is somehow a job killer, and somebody with a clear track record of killing jobs and destroying the business climate of the U.S. (Obama) is the good guy. Un

Dishonesty is the only way Obama can win re-election because he simply cannot run on his dismal record.

From the beginning of the campaigns last year, I have said Obama is going to win, and I stand behind that today. Romney, if he wants to oust an incumbent who has the full support of 85% of the press, must meet force with force. Obama is traveling the country telling lies (like all people with money got that money by taking it from the poor), and Romney is not doing enough to fight back. Romney has to tell America who Obama really is, and what he is.

It's incredible that the left fawns over Apple and Steve Jobs. Where was your iPhone made? Where was your iPad made? Where was your Mac made? China. Outsourcing by the left's favorite company.

Steve Jobs told Obama, in person, that he's at risk for a one term presidency because he needs to be more business friendly. Why has this not been put into a Romney ad? Is this guy not even trying? What about all the other CEOs (job creators) who have spoken out against Obama's policies?

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