Sunday, June 24, 2012

Islamists win Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Mursi has won the presidency with 51.73% of the vote. The Muslim Brotherhood is a hardcore islamist organization. The election came down to the military or the brotherhood -- something I and countless people around the world accurately predicted long ago. Interestingly, leftists are shocked by the turn of events. By their own admission, they were "fooled" by islamist rhetoric. This is nothing new, but it is, of course, not true in this case. With the Arab Spring, leftists fooled themselves, confusing the beautiful peace-n-love world their enlarged, palpitating hearts desired with the actual world -- the one inhabited by flesh-n-blood human beings.

For the record, Fox News, which leftists everywhere claim is biased drivel, accurately reported on the Arab Spring, while leftist news organizations pushed the peace-n-love fantasy angle.

The unfortunate reality with Muslim countries is that the only workable governments are theocracies or dictatorships. The latter we can buy, the former we can't. Good luck, world.

BBC story here.

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