Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama's strange 'Julia' campaign

Obama posted a really strange slideshow about a fictional woman on the White House website. NY Times summary:
    Her name is Julia, and she has the lead role in an Obama 2012 slide show that follows what’s supposed to be an American everywoman from childhood into retirement, tracking everything the Obama White House’s policies would do for her and everything the “Romney/Ryan” Republicans would not. The list of Obama-bestowed benefits includes Head Start when Julia’s a tyke, tax credits and Pell grants to carry her through college and low-interest loan repayment afterward, guaranteed birth control when she’s a 20-something and government-sponsored loans when she wants to start a business, all of it culminating in a stress-free retirement underwritten by Medicare and Social Security.
That's just great. Obama's "everywoman" is a parasite, a ward of the state. WTF? Welcome to communism.

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