Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama born in Kenya

Read the text:

Here's a pamphlet distributed during Obama's school days at Harvard. Let's review some chronology:

1. Birthers gain a bit of traction and are roundly dismissed as nutjobs by socialist media.

2. Obama finally addresses the birth place issue, denying a Kenya birth and claiming Hawaiian birth.

3. Socialist media -- all broadcast TV networks, public media, most Times papers, and CNN -- immediately call anyone questioning the birth certificate a bigot or insane or both.

4. Hawaiian health officials say they don't release birth certificates, even to the person in question. This was a lie -- you have to produce a certificate to get a passport. You mean a sitting president doesn't even qualify for a passport?

5. Right after the midterms the new Democratic governor of Hawaii says he's furious that people are claiming Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. He was friends with Obama's parents, and he knows Obama was born there, he told us. His very first act as governor, he said, would be to produce a birth certificate.

6. The head of Hawaii's health department quits with no notice about a month after the governor's fiery speech. Did he quit because the certificate didn't exist?

7. The gov of Hawaii never produced a birth certificate, despite his vow. Socialist media ignored the story.

8. Obama puts a digital image on the white house website claiming it is his authentic birth certificate. Oddly, Hawaii maintains the birth certificate can't be produced, yet Obama somehow got it, he claims. The certificate placed at has SEVEN LAYERS, which proves it's faked. Anyone who knows anything about digital imaging knows that when you scan a piece of paper you get a single layer.

9. A pamphlet circulated years ago, when Obama was at Harvard and with his approval, saying he was born in Kenya (see image above). Now his publicist says it was a mistake. I don't recall ever typing Hawaii and making a typo that says "Kenya". Don't you think if you were born in Hawaii, and a bio comes out saying you were born in Kenya, you would cry foul and have that fixed? This is beyond insane. Our president has no legal right to be president. That's how I read the evidence.

Obama should release his Harvard record, as most presidents and candidates do -- Bush and Kerry did, for instance. That's how we learned the so-called idiot Bush had a better college GPA than the so-called intellectual Kerry. Let's see what his admission application says -- Kenya or Hawaii?

It's astounding that the media didn't vet a presidential candidate. Do you remember the vetting of Sarah Palin? George Bush? Even Joe the plumber was scrutinized better than a viable candidate for president. I think even liberals are starting to wake up.

BONUS SECTION (aren't you glad?)

This is from TheBlaze -- Arizona sec state Ken Bennett said he wants to verify Obama's birth certificate before putting him on the ballot because ... wait for it ... that's his job as sec state. Bolding is mine:
    Bennett said that since Arpaio’s investigation, he has received more than 1,200 emails from people requesting he look into the matter. He said Hawaii has a system where they’ll verify a birth certificate in lieu of providing a certified copy of it — and that eight weeks later, state officials have not fulfilled his request.

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