Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fast and Furious -- DOJ may get salaries cut

Fast and Furious, the massive scandal that resulted in multiple murders -- the scandal that is getting a whisper of coverage in socialist media like NY Times and LA Times -- is heating up despite the media vacuum.

Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina rep, has offered an amendment to cut the salaries of DOJ workers for stiff-arming justice, via Daily Caller:
    “A Border Patrol agent was killed, hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed, thousands of weapons are unaccounted for and likely, madam chairwoman, are going to be used in future crimes,” a visibly irate Gowdy said during his House floor speech. “But the Department of Justice — and the attorney general specifically — will not provide documents properly, legitimately requested. So, I am left with no choice, madam chairwoman, but to offer an amendment cutting the Department of Justice’s appropriation.”
Here is DC's full coverage of Fast and Furious. Note that NY Times and LA Times have no reference page for their coverage of a major political scandal. The LA Times had a section devoted to the Stop Kony video, but when our Dept. of Justice deliberately sends guns and ammo into Mexico, resulting in mass murder, it's only mentioned in passing. If F&F had been conducted under Bush, the LA Times would have a giant disco ball spinning on their home page with trumpets blasting at full volume.

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