Thursday, March 22, 2012

Employers asking job applicants for Facebook passwords?

[UPDATE 4/11/2012: Maryland just passed a bill banning employers from asking for person account information, via LA Times]

A new bill would bar employers from asking job seekers their social media and email passwords. I didn't realize any employers were doing this. Anyone in a job interview or filling out an application who is asked for personal, online passwords should respond, "Fuck off," and walk out. Is anyone dumb enough to actually fork it over? Nobody wants to work for a company that would ask for that. LATimes:
    The practice of cajoling new applicants who have private accounts to share their log-in credentials as part of the hiring process has alarmed privacy advocates. Questions are being raised about the legality of this type of social-network profile scouring, which is also the focus of similar proposed legislation in Maryland and Illinois.

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