Saturday, February 25, 2012

UN post attacked in Afghanistan

All of these problems over a few burned books. It was a mistake to go into Afghanistan. We don't need any more nationbuilding -- anywhere. Dark Age nutjobs aren't going to change, so we should whack the Taliban and Al Qaeda with missiles and naval aviation as a continual, real-world training exercise, but leave the animals to their own devices.

We'll have to develop our own sources of oil (all of them) to steer clear of the nutjobs -- Iraq, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, etc. -- who perch on oil deposits, but we'll need a new president for this. Failed solar panel companies and algae won't get us off of oil.

    Part of a UN compound in the Afghan city of Kunduz has been set alight amid fresh protests against the burning of the Koran by US soldiers.

    Four people were killed and dozens injured in clashes in the city, according to local doctors. Three more people were killed in the southern province of Logar.

    More than 20 have died since the protests began on Tuesday.

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