Tuesday, February 07, 2012

To Live and Die (and molest) in LA

School pedophiles are in the news again, this time at the Miramonte Elementary School. I think we can see facets of liberal thinking here (yes, everything is political). There were numerous reports of abuse, over a couple of decades, yet nothing was done. Sounds a lot like the Ft. Hood shooter, no? To liberals, criminals are victims, a line of thinking that results in a lot more actual victims.

The solution to the problem would be laughable if the problems weren't so serious. LA Times:
    In a dramatic move to quell parents' fears, Los Angeles school officials said they will temporarily replace the entire staff of an elementary school south of downtown Los Angeles, where two teachers have been accused of lewd acts against students.
The staff won't be suspended, they're being transferred to other schools. Idiots. Thanks a lot, unions.

The superintendent said, "The primary responsibility, bar none, is safety and support." Amazingly, this began with the negative publicity, not before.

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