Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spanish puzzled by CA high-speed rail

Spanish railway officials offer opinions on California's corrupt, bloated high-speed rail project, the first link of which will connect Fresno and Bakersfield. That's right, Fresno and Bakersfield. Anyone miss that? Fresno to Bakersfield. UT San Diego:
    Even enthusiastic Spanish officials, however, are curious about the logic of starting in the sparsely populated middle of California. The environmental benefits won’t be realized, they said, if the cities along the first line don’t have enough people to generate ridership.

    “You need to have either Los Angeles or San Francisco,” said Pedro PĂ©rez del Campo, environmental policy director for ADIF, another government-owned company that manages and operates Spain’s railway infrastructure. “They should build it where it will have an impact so that people will support it.”
Only corrupt idiots would begin a high-speed rail line anywhere other than Los Angeles. You know, the place with 20 million people in the greater metro area? California's rail project is a scam and will consume billions of taxpayer dollars, if not trillions. Why don't we elect 2nd graders to run this state? They'd do a much better job.

The only positive news to come out of the rail project happened three days ago. According to the LA Times, the CIC (Chump In Chief) is quitting:
    The chief executive of the state’s high-speed rail agency resigned Thursday amid growing criticism of the $98.5-billion bullet train project and declining public support for the proposal.

    Roelof van Ark, 59, announced his departure in a major shakeup that included the replacement of attorney Thomas Umberg, a former state legislator, as chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors.

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