Sunday, January 08, 2012

Review of NFL Game Rewind

I subscribed to the NFL Game Rewind service for the 2011 regular season, and I recommend it. My favorite aspects of the service:

1. Untethered to cable/satellite TV companies.

2. Everything works as advertised, and works quite well, including HD.

3. Very low price ($39 for 2011 regular season) for every game, every team.

4. Very fast, courteous response to a question I submitted to tech support.

Get this service. Trust me. I rarely recommend any corporation for any reason (in fact, I usually vent frustration at corporations on this blog), but this is the exception. It's the norm, in my experience, to receive bad products and service, so this package really stood out as something nice.

I think anyone who likes NFL football would find this service to be an excellent value, even if you're not a glutton who wants to watch every game of the year.

If you're new to the Internet, or just intimidated, don't be. This is the future. Steaming content is fully mature now -- easy, no hassles, inexpensive. They're using Akamai, a leader in streaming services.

I'm now going to check to see if Formula 1 has a similar service. If not, the NFL needs to franchise their web services setup to other sports, especially off-season ones like F1.

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