Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keystone pipeline denied

Our Little President™ has done it now. He's killed a source of oil we desperately need. He's doing exactly what he promised during the campaign when he said:

"The walls between the countries with the most and the countries with the least must come down."

Killing the pipeline furthers his plan of reducing the US to make the world more fair ("socially responsible"). First world nations only became wealthy by exploiting third world nations, he thinks, so we must spread our wealth around the world.

Higher costs for fossil fuels will keep some of his pet solar panel companies open (the ones not openly perpetrating fraud) and his Chevy Volt selling. Geez, even the labor unions, his fellow-travelers who helped put him in office, want this pipeline.

I can't wait to see the polls after this fiasco. Maybe this is what it will take for the uninformed to realize what they've got.

NPR takes the cake with their communist bullshit. No nice words here, NPR are commies. Their guest this afternoon said, "Only in America could environmentalists and conservatives join forces" to stop an oil pipeline. Huh? What? Obama screws the nation in several different ways at once, and NPR finds a way to blame it on Republicans. Obama killed the oil we're desperate for, and thousands of private sector jobs, according to the NPR guest, because Republicans put a deadline on the decision.

Also, do lefties and environazis not realize how many pipelines we already have? Here's a look at the existing pipelines in the Midwest, with the Keystone overlaid (warning, PDF). Does anybody remember this kind of debate taking place with these other pipelines?

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