Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gingrich set on repeat

I think the media has a short memory, or they're just trying to get web views and understand that the public has a short memory. Gingrich is being written up as "surging". LA Times:
    Newt Gingrich is surging and the guy ahead of him, Mitt Romney, as well the guy behind him, Rick Santorum, are rattled.
Newt did very well in a debate again, which seems to be the man's specialty, but between his better debate performances he drops. The media helps with this because they push hundreds of negative stories about him every time he "surges" in the polls. We saw it in September, and we're seeing it again now.

Between the debates the Left tells us about his mistress and the Right tells us about his Liberalism. He also got criticized for some mean attack ads against Romney (yawn).

If nothing else, the media can stop changing the dateline on their "surge" stories. It's getting old. The record is skipping. Newt is a great debater -- go to his YouTube channel to see for yourself. The guy has the confidence and nonchalance of somebody who doesn't care if he wins or not and he has the intellectual chops to make the others look like they spent more time on makeup than content preparation. But he is probably the same old Newt (unelectable).

Everyone knows Romney is going to be the nominee. I think the only question will be this: Will Republicans "hold their noses" and vote for Romney? Are they fed up with Obama's Marxist drivel to the point that electing ANYBODY else is more important than electing "the right guy"? Well, the right guy isn't running in this election. Seriously, these guys are the best Conservative leaders in the USA? I have little hope for their future if that's the case.

If Gingrich does pull off the nomination, it will be the biggest story in politics since a Marxist got elected president.

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