Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I miss the Internet

I miss the "good" internet, back in 1998-2002. That was when I had broadband and websites hadn't become bloated with data from 100 different ad servers and all this flashcrap. The web was very fast for a brief window of time, and I miss it terribly. Every page you visited would spring onto your screen in its entirety in less than a second.

Now, my cursor causes something bad to happen every time it touches anything -- advertising, social media options and ratings, content previews, etc. I'm thinking about ditching the touchpad/cursor altogether and using Tab and Enter instead.

This downward spiral of the user experience is probably a combination of web advertising coming to maturity, and a new generation of people who don't remember the blazing fast experience of the past.

The Old West is gone. Only bloated corporate propaganda remains.

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