Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Arab Spring realities

Egypt has decided to stop testing the virginity of female reporters. From LA Times:
    “The court orders that the execution of the procedure of virginity tests on girls inside military prisons be stopped,” Judge Ali Fekri, Head of the Cairo Administrative Court, announced Tuesday.
We need to get out of the Middle East and the undesirable cultures found there as fast as possible. I think the best way to remove ourselves from that part of the world is to aggressively develop every domestic source of oil and increase oil purchasing from friendly, sane nations, such as Canada, instead of the crazies. Obama, in his classic style of doing everything he can to diminish the U.S. -- just as he said he would during the campaign -- is "delaying" making a decision on the Keystone oil pipeline.

Incidentally, the reason for the delay is obvious: his base doesn't want any more industrialization, and therefore no oil. The majority of Americans know that our society is wholly dependent on oil, and we also need jobs that a major pipeline project would provide. This puts Obama in a tough situation, because if he greenlights the pipeline, he loses his base. Better to wait until after he gets re-elected.

When Obama said, "The walls between the countries with the most and the countries with the least must come down," he was stating his belief that America's high standard of living is unjust. We are living rich only because we have exploited the poor nations of the world. It's the same Marxist philosophy as OWS. Obama is more than a president; in his eyes, he is righting the greatest wrong in the history of the world -- the U.S. Denying the pipeline furthers this goal.

It's interesting, a five-year-old child could tell Obama the obvious correct course of action on the pipeline. We really need oil. We really need to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil. We really need jobs. Therefore...

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