Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Internet sales tax coming

It's comical to read the LA Times headline: Senators think they have solved the Internet sales tax problem. It's a "problem" that politicians can't seize more of your money (and then misspend it). For years politicians have tackled the "problem", mostly Democrats. They've been coveting this source of money since the Web first took off in the mid 1990s. Now, the Marketplace Fairness Act is coming.
    "I think we've finally found that sweet spot," Durbin said.
Sweet because it has bipartisan support (might pass), but more importantly the bill will satiate the greedy appetites of tax-and-spend politicians.

An eBay rep quoted in the story has it correct: "It does not make sense to expand Internet sales tax burdens on small businesses at a time when we want entrepreneurs to create jobs and economic activity.” Democrats have never cared about job creation, and Republicans are only slightly better. Taking our money in large quantities has always been the main goal of our elected "leaders".

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