Sunday, October 02, 2011

UK and the EU mistake

A Telegraph reporter named Oborne told it like it is, with great video: Peter Oborne vs Sir Richard Lambert and 'the idiot in Brussels'.

I really think the UK politicians who convinced the populace to join the EU were fools -- and the people were fools for going along with the scheme. Fortunately for them, the Euro was rejected. When a strong economy (and culture) joins with weaker ones, the outcome is inevitable. Let's face it, when a rich man surrounds himself with poor friends, who is always paying for dinner?

The country is still great in culture and character, but there's no questioning that the UK is no longer a world leader. It's sad to watch a great country get weaker and more dependent on the other nations of Europe.

And if the people of Germany aren't regretting their EU membership by now, they soon will be.

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