Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scientific American shows its true colors

Scientific American is quick to debunk some anti-global warming claims made on Fox News. This is interesting, because I don't remember the magazine immediately rushing to debunk CNN when Miles Obrien said we're looking at a Day After Tomorrow (movie) scenario in "about fifteen years." Nor do I recall the magazine standing up to the IPCC's claim that Indian and Nepalese glaciers would be gone by 2025 -- a claim that was ridiculed globally as nonsense. The IPCC retracted the ludicrous claim when the Indian premier objected.

Among the statements made in the new Scientific American article:
    According to the International Energy Agency, global CO2 emissions have reached a record of 30.6 billion tons during the year 2010.
I wonder why they failed to mention how many tons the atmosphere is, in total? Hmmmm. Could it be that the public will lose interest when they learn that a single grain of sand flung into the Sahara Desert won't cause problems?

I also wonder what our country would be like if 85% of the nation's press wasn't socialist.

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