Friday, August 12, 2011

London riots are a blessing in disguise

The animals wreaking havoc on London would have stayed in the shadows, unknown, if the police hadn't shot and killed that man. Now, the way things are, police know who the animals are, and they can be rounded up and jailed. It's a boon. They can rid their society of a bad element -- all at once, by the thousands.

Some of the rioters complained on video that they can't find jobs because the Eastern Europeans have filled up the country and taken the work. There is some truth to this. Britain blundered terribly when they joined the EU. This kind of feel-good socialism has a downside, and we're seeing it now.

Similarly, when the US invaded Iraq, the socialist press whined about how Muslims from around Europe and the world were flocking there to do battle with our forces. They said it like it was a bad thing. The reality was that any young Muslim male living comfortably on welfare in Europe -- who secretly yearns for violent jihad -- would have been a de facto sleeper were it not for the war. Iraq served as fly paper for animals, where they were dispatched.

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