Monday, July 04, 2011

NY Times wants overspending to continue

Republicans are discussing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Somebody has been wanting this for years... ME. It's the only way we can preserve the country for future generations, and protect it from liberals / socialists / communists who want to give all the money, plus an extra $1-1.3 trillion annually, to people who don't want to work hard.

NY Times:
    That would amount to a permanent limit on the size of government — at a level last seen in the 1960s, before Medicare and Medicaid, before major environmental legislation like the Clean Water Act, and long before the baby-boom generation was facing retirement. The spending cuts implied by such a cap are so draconian that even the budget recently passed by House Republicans — and condemned by the public for its gutting of Medicare — would not be tough enough.
Draconian?? On the contrary, it's exactly what we need. The government has to live within its means, just like all people and all entities. Because our government -- both parties -- has failed so miserably in this simple task, the people will have to put in permanent safeguards.

I guess the New York Times hasn't been watching Greece's failure.

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