Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More people taken hostage by Somali 'pirates'

This time it's a Danish family who thought it was a good idea to take their sailing vessel into the Indian Ocean near Somalia, with three children on board. WTF? Story here. Any pity I had for idiots like these is beginning to vanish. It's like the Iraqi "campers". Remember that? A few people, American citizens, decided to go hiking and camping in the mountains near the border of Iraq and Iran, when they allegedly strayed across the border into Iran and were picked up as "spies".

Here's the thought process, I guess:

Case 1: Honey, let's get the sailboat out of storage and venture along the coast of Somalia, where terrorists are hijacking ships of all sizes and holding people for ransom so they can fund their terrorist operations. Some people get killed. This will be fun for the whole family, and with an entire globe of oceans to sail on, let's choose the deadly one.

Case 2: Honey, I'm bored with Yellowstone and Yosemite. I know! Let's go camping in Iraq right along the Iranian border. What could possibly go wrong?

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