Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two spaces after a period, and other stuff

Slate has a good article on "two-spacers" -- people who use two spaces after a period. It reminds me of the old rule book v. common usage debate. Common usage trumps English rule books, period. This is why English has changed so much over the centuries.

And why is Internet capitalized, and Web? It's unnecessary and dumb. I think it dates to the mid-1990s when the web was new, back when the Great Unwashed finally discovered there were uses for personal computers.

Remember that era? It was the time when dolts in the media were "getting on the information superhighway" and if you didn't have a PC with a CD-ROM drive you just weren't involved in "multi-media". Some of them thought an email address was called an "AOL address". Hackers like Mitnik and Poulsen accessed scarcely secured systems and frightened the FBI so completely they were treated like KGB assassins. My favorite part of the mid-1990s was that it was before the CIA's Total Information Awareness program Google. My least favorite: animated, spinning GIFs.

The internet was a "revolution" and such. It was, but it's not so great that it needs capitalization, especially since it has been around since Sept. 1969.

The current generation of dolts call using the web "facebooking" and MP3 players "iPods".

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