Monday, January 17, 2011

NY Times cheers Illinois for raising taxes

The far-left has never seen a tax increase they didn't like...

    For years, Illinois, like so many states, pretended that it had not fallen off a budgetary cliff. It was spending too much and taking in too little revenue, but every year it would kick its problems into the next. Unable to pay its bills, it finally accepted reality last week and raised taxes on incomes and businesses — a first step toward getting its house in order.

Fallen off a budgetary cliff? Guffawwwww! The Times is spinning so strongly that clear eyed readers will be getting dizzy. The truth, which is in contrast to Times claims: Illinois liberals overspent for decades and created a huge problem for all of the people of that state, and their solution is to take even more money from the people.

Giving more money to corrupt liars would be the worst possible thing we could do. These people (yes, politicians are "these people") have demonstrated again and again that they can't manage money or even come close to doing the right thing with our money, so let's stop giving it to them.

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