Thursday, January 06, 2011

N-word and Huck Finn

Commenters to the LA Times story about the Huck Finn situation surprised me. The LA Times and many (most?) of their readers are liberals, so I thought they'd favor removing the N-word from a piece of literature. I expected this because liberals believe making people feel good is more important than doing the right thing (see: affirmative action).

I was wrong about Times readers. They're against it, although many of them made a sad mistake. They're using the phrase "politically correct". We need to stop using the PC term and call it what it really is: liberalism.

Another strange thing about liberals -- and another reason I'm surprised Times readers object to changing Twain's classic -- is that they never miss a chance to remind us how awful the USA is, even if they have to reach way back in time to do it. These same people can look at cultures that lop off 12-year-old girls' clitorises with a broken beer bottle and say, "That's okay, because we musn't judge another culture."

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