Friday, December 17, 2010

European pride in small, powerless cars

Post-WWII Old Europe has become a socialist cesspool, where anything pertaining to the industrial revolution, such as car ownership, is a bad thing. I've spoken to more than one European, even a couple of Brits, who said the large cars with large engines in America are ridiculous and irresponsible. Here's what's happening: their governments have coerced and social engineered them to take buses and trains, an uncomfortable, inconvenient, inferior mode of transport -- and they don't even know they've been conditioned. Not only have the leftists brainwashed the Old Europeans, they've taught them to take pride in their own enslavement.

Tacitus said of the British, "A liking sprang up for our style of dress, and the toga became fashionable. Step by step they were led to things which dispose to vice, the lounge, the bath, the elegant banquet. All this in their ignorance they called civilization, when it was but a part of their servitude."

The toga, bath and banquet have been replaced by trains and exorbitant taxation. Being coerced by government away from cars luxurient and powerful, and into silly little cars, is part of European servitude. Those are the lucky ones; the majority of Europeans can't afford a license, or a car, or even the grossly taxed fuel. This unlucky majority is stuck waiting for a train, then packing in like cattle for a slow journey.


jared said...

they use technology for mroe ppower

The Shaved Ape said...

Yay! I'm happy for them!