Sunday, November 14, 2010

A New York Times tradition: being wrong

The New York Times, the center of Communist thought on the East Coast, has shown once again they either don't understand what has happened to America, or their far-left ideology is too dear to part with.

    Many Americans who voted this fall expressed a deep mistrust of government. House Republicans’ triumphalist vows to tie up the Obama administration with nonstop investigations and obstructionist budget crimping are not going to allay those voters’ concerns — or solve any of the country’s problems.

The country's number one problem, far outdistancing the rest of our problems, is deficit spending. With Republicans -- a party that deficit spends with the best of them -- in a position to block Obama's irresponsible spending plans, gridlock is about to become our best friend.

See how the Times says this like it's a bad thing: "The new majority will showcase hearings devoted to what Representative Fred Upton, the ranking Republican on the energy committee, called a “war on the regulatory state."

Politicians from both major parties have failed us miserably on out-of-control spending (and most other things), and that's part of the reason we saw a change of thinking in the midterms.

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