Thursday, October 01, 2009

America's two issues

We only have two problems, and this short list doesn't include health care, climate change, or anything else on the socialist wish list.

1. Deficit spending. We need to amend the constitution to forbid deficit spending except in times of emergency, and such times need to be clearly laid out with no loopholes -- because politicians can find loopholes the way a hound can sniff out its quarry. An amendment calling for the end of deficit spending can't be vague, the way some of the other amendments are.

In my book, deficit spending without a genuine emergency is treason. Unfortunately, the definition of treason doesn't account for this practice, though it causes irreparable harm to the U.S.

2. Energy independence. Don't confuse this with green energy. Independence is more important than the form the energy takes; if it's safe and renewable, that's a bonus, but not a requirement. Remember the wake-up call we got a couple of years ago, when gas zoomed to over $4 per gallon? We should have been drilling everywhere oil could be found. What have we done? Nothing at all.

I will not vote for any federal politician who doesn't clearly articulate that these two issues are the most important problems facing the nation, and convince me he's not lying just to get votes.

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