Wednesday, October 18, 2006


What would Mohammed (PBUH) do? It would be difficult to put WWM(PBUH)D on a bracelet. Too long. Well, what would he do? He'd kill people who convert out of Islam, apparently. A kidnapped Italian journalist is being held by Muslims (shocker!) who say they'll exchange him for a Christian who converted from Islam.


    Photojournalist Gabriele Torsello was seized last Thursday while travelling in a bus in southern Afghanistan.

    The kidnappers say they will release Mr Torsello - a Muslim convert - if Abdul Rahman returns from Italy where he was offered asylum earlier this year.

    Mr Rahman had escaped a possible death sentence for becoming a Christian.

    He had been charged with rejecting Islam and released this March after being deemed mentally unfit to stand trial on a charge of apostasy.

    He then fled to Italy where he was offered asylum.

    Mr Torsello's kidnappers placed their demand in a phone call to the head of security at a hospital run by an Italian aid agency in Afghanistan.

Why is it, again, that CAIR keeps insisting Islam is a tolerant religion? People who say Islam is intolerant incite Muslims to violence, so that's not it. People who convert out of Islam are condemned to death; that's not it, either. I guess it's a mystery.

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