Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hillary Clinton advocates weak foreign policy

Like husband, like wife, with the Clintoons. Hillary is advocating an "internationalist" foreign policy.


    New York Senator Hillary Clinton called for a broad reform of US foreign policy that would include better cooperation with other nations and bilateral talks with enemy nations.

    Criticizing President George W. Bush's foreign policy from Iraq to Afghanistan and North Korea to Iran, the wife of former president Bill Clinton called for a more internationalist approach to foreign policy in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, a New York-based foreign policy think tank.

The most fundamental way the U.S. changed after 9/11 was to switch from a weak, reactionary foreign policy to an aggressive, strong policy. Let's not return to the sad days of Bill Clinton, who shot a few cruise missiles in response to terrorist attacks against Americans, who gave nuclear technology to North Korea, and ran away from Somalia after a single helicopter was shot down.

John Kerry was of a like mind. Remember the 2004 election cycle when Kerry's primary complaint about Bush was that Iraq angered some countries around the world? You got the impression that Kerry was more interested in what others think of the country than keeping the country safe. This is how most liberals feel.

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