Sunday, October 29, 2006

Google in China

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The Guardian, a rag no better than a steaming pile of dog poop, has a story about Google's upcoming presentation at an Internet Governance Forum. The only thing missing from The Guardian story is the requisite blame placed on Bush.

    The Silicon Valley giant will attempt to position itself as a force for change that can finance web entrepreneurs in the developing world, champion the rights of consumers against 'over-zealous' copy-right laws and use the web to protect diverse minority cultures and languages.

    But Google will declare itself unrepentant over the controversial decision to censor its search engine at the behest of Beijing. At the first Internet Governance Forum in Athens, starting tomorrow, the firm will insist its presence in China does more good than harm by getting more information to more people.

The story mentioned the difference in search results at and for "tiananmen square". The former gives a nice overview of the square, allegedly the largest in the world. The latter talks about the murder of dissenting Chinese citizens. search results search results

(The leading search result at "free" Google isn't without problems, as you will see.)

Update April 4, 2010: click the above links for a surprise. Both have been changed, and not by me.

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