Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Far, far, far out in left field

I just discovered another hard-left blog filled with shrill predictions and admitted paranoia. To understand why liberals have lost power and respect, just read one of these blogs:

    In an email to a close friend yesterday, I described the usually low-level anxiety I've been feeling for over a month. It ebbs and flows, and at certain times it's more intense than at others. But it never leaves me now. I noted that I did not expect it to lift until the evening of election day.

Didn't I tell ya? The cause for the writer's "usually low-level anxiety" that "never leaves" him now? "To me, it is entirely possible that the Bush administration will launch an attack on Iran before November 7," he says.

Here's the icing on the cake, emphasis added:

    We should always remember one further fact: those in the administration who drive our foreign policy have always wanted and intended to attack Iran. That was the big target from the very beginning. The question of timing is a separate one. From their perspective, and if they think such an attack would ensure continuing Republican control of Congress, why not do it in the next month? Two for the price of one, and all that...and never mind the possibly tens or hundreds of thousands dead, and possibly even more if the mayhem rapidly spirals out of control. Never mind that the United States would forever brand itself as one of most destructive, contemptible, damnable nations in history, engaging in murderous, aggressive war whenever the whim strikes it. [Whew!]

    I don't do anything to alleviate my anxiety, except for occasional meditation and deep breathing, and diverting myself now and then with light reading or watching frivolous movies. I've learned to live with it. It's one of the necessities of living in perilous times, especially when you write about political and cultural issues.

Can this guy hear himself? He should skip the deep breathing and meditation, and go straight to crying in the corner.

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