Sunday, October 01, 2006

DUnce blog too crude for comfort

Shoddy spelling, writing, and technical skills -- like typesetting -- can ruin even a blog's credibility. Let's be honest about it. When you come across a piece of writing with a truly awful appearance, dont' you question the validity of the content, too?

Democratic Underground (DUnce) has some high-school hacks putting up posts. I've criticized the hyper-emotional NanceGregg before, but this time I'd like to give a smack to her for a gross lack of knowledge about the web, word processors, and blogging in general.

Check out this post. See the question marks appearing throughout? That's because Word, or whichever word processor was employed, uses special characters for quotes and other symbols. These symbols don't transfer directly into HTML. I realize it's a technical point, but if the notorious NanceGregg could find a way to tone down the massive emotions that control her, and brush up on simple technical skills, I think more people would take her seriously.

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