Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Criminals are victims, liberally speaking

Foley is the latest public figure to take advantage of a sad strategy developed by liberals (progressives, socialists), which is to deflect criticism by claiming victim status. The liberal psychology profession, as well as the liberal contention that rehabilitation is preferrential to punishment, is responsible for this societal scourge.

1. Lawmaker Foley is now claiming to have been molested by a clergyman when he was a boy. Ahhhh, bullshit. He's not claiming it as an excuse, but there is one, and only one, possible reason to bring it up now that his career and reputation are permanently destroyed. "I'm a victim, so go easy on me!" What a pathetic scumbag. Republicans who rally behind this guy are going to lose their jobs.

2. When Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI (and uttered the fantastic line, "What are you looking at, sugar tits?"), he immediately claimed victim status by saying he suffers the disease of alcoholism.

3. When Patrick Kennedy, a member of the notorious "I'll have another" clan, drunkenly smashed his car into a barrier, he first tried to say he was under the influence of prescription medicine, then claimed to suffer from the disease of alcoholism.

Are there no men in this country? Nobody can say, "I messed up. I don't want any leniency. I have no excuses."?


David Drake said...

I'll drink to what you write! Barkeep, set 'em up ! And make mine 'doubles'!

The Shaved Ape said...

Doubles? Cutting down, are we, Drake?