Thursday, October 26, 2006

Corrupt "Latin" leader criticizes border fence

Here we go again. Vicente Fox is upset that his No. 2 source of revenue, money sent back to Mexico by illegal aliens in the U.S., is about to drop.


    "It is an embarrassment for the United States," Fox said. "It is proof, perhaps, that the United States does not see immigration as a subject that corresponds to both countries."

    President-elect Felipe Calderon, who takes over from Fox on Dec. 1, agreed.

An "embarrassment"? What's truly embarassing is that Mexicans would flee Mexico because Fox isn't doing his job. The government is so corrupt and controlled by drug cartels -- and socialist to the core -- that it cannot reform a dead economy or create new jobs. If people were running away from my country en masse because people couldn't afford to eat, I'd be extremely embarrassed. I'd be ashamed, as I'm sure Fox is.

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