Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brits rejecting multiculturalism?

Patience Wheatcroft dares write "Multiculturalism hasn't worked: let's rediscover Britishness" in the UK's Telegraph newspaper, emphasis mine, via USS Neverdock:

    The tyranny of political correctness has for years suppressed the qualms that many Britons have had about what was happening to their country. Radical imams were allowed to preach hatred while being funded with state benefits, but few dared to question such madness, let alone act against it. The doctrine of multiculturalism dictated that all beliefs should be allowed to flourish, and to challenge that view was as politically incorrect as pinning up a Pirelli calendar in Islington Town Hall or suggesting that two married parents usually provide the best start in life for a child.

    Gradually, however, people are gaining the courage to defy the diktats of political correctness and to question the assumptions of what should be acceptable in Britain today. In Bournemouth last week, David Cameron admitted to feeling uncomfortable about the segregation that now exists in many cities, where people remain isolated in ethnic communities. Jack Straw has publicly raised the veil on an issue that, privately, many will have admitted to finding disturbing. And even the Church of England, it seems, may be rediscovering sufficient backbone to assert the importance of its role as the predominant faith in the country.

Wheatcroft goes a long way towards the heart of the matter, but doesn't quite have the courage to speak the full truth. Political correctness and multiculturalism are not causes, rather they are affects -- of liberalism. Call it being left wing, socialist, communist, liberal, or, in the USA, a Democrat.

Wheatcroft's headline should have read: Liberalism hasn't worked. After all, if only symptoms are addressed, instead of the root cause, the problem will not go away. In this case, multiculturalism and political correctness are symptoms, where liberalism is the root cause.

And I'd rather have seen a long piece directed at the heart of what liberalism has wrought, that Islam gets special consideration, and can get away with intimidation. This piece would tell the cabbies who refuse seeing-eye dogs and alcohol-carrying passengers to take their violent, intolerant religion back to the pisspot that spawned it.

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