Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another child in vending machine

Yet another idiot child has crawled into a vending machine. Now I understand why some parents resort to harnesses and leashes. My post about the last retard is here.

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    When she turned her back to get another dollar for a second try, Robert took off his coat and squeezed through an opening in the machine. He landed in the stuffed animal cube.

    "I turned around and looked for him, and he said, 'Oma, I'm in here," Bierdemann said. "I thought I would have a heart attack."

    Store employees couldn't find a key to the machine, so Robert waited while the Antigo Fire Department was called.

    "He was having a ball in there, hugging all the stuffed animals," Bierdemann said. "He was so good-natured, but I was shaking like a leaf."

    Firefighters broke one lock but then spotted two latches inside the plastic cube. They passed a screwdriver to Robert.

Via Blue Crab Boulevard.


David Drake said...

There could be a whole cottage industry taking off if selling, say, Malawian children out of vending machine to celebrities - say like Madonna - were legalized.

The Shaved Ape said...

Yeah. See the next post...

David Drake said...

HEH! That's a riot!