Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shuttle Atlantis, The Governator, and other stuff

Five items, just because...

5. Democrats continue to threaten ABC over its planned airing of a three-part miniseries about 9/11. I can't decide if this is an example of Democrat whining, or if it's similar to how Republicans reacted to Reagans, a show critical of Ronald Reagan. Maybe it's just human nature -- nobody likes to be made to look bad. WaPo.

4. The Shuttle Atlantis, our space pick-up truck, blasted into orbit successfully. The astronauts trained for over a year in order to make substantial additions to the ISS. Some foam fell from the external fuel tank on launch, but NASA thinks it'll be okey dokey.

3. The Governator stupidly apologized for complimenting a latina lawmaker. He called her "fiery hot." Since when is it a crime to call a latin passionate? I know lots of Mexicans, Brazillians, and a few Argentines, and they're all very proud of their ethnic passion. I'm stumped. Why can't politicians, especially an ex-body builder, just tell everyone to shut their lobster holes? Chicago Tribune.

UPDATE: AP has this to say about Bonnie Garcia, the woman at whom Schwarzee's comments were directed: "Garcia, who is Puerto Rican and the Legislature's only female Hispanic Republican, said she wasn't offended. She told the Times she sometimes refers to herself as a hot-blooded Latina."

Meanwhile. Phil Angelides, The Governator's Democratic challenger for governorship, said he used "language that is deeply offensive to all Californians."

What a dumbass is Angelides. First, as a Californian, I was not offended. Secondly, California's latino leaders back up what I said above, that calling a latin passionate, or fiery or whatever, is not an insult. There is nothing like an idiot liberal trying to leverage a societal scourge he himself helped create -- playing the politically correct race card.

2. There has been another arrest in the world of online gambling. Why in the name of reason are we arresting onling gambling executives? I can pay to see any kind of sex act, donate money to charities, do all of my banking, and almost anything else online, but I can't sit in on a game of hold'em?

Let's be honest about it; this has nothing to do with the "public good". This is pure politics -- Atlantic City, Vegas, and especially Indian gaming lobbyists are pressuring politicians to stop online gambling. Bastards. The Independent.

1. NASCAR Nextel Cup: Tonight is the big night. It's the last race in the regular season, which NASCAR peculiarly calls the "race for the chase." Drivers must be inside the top-10 in points, or within 400 points of 1st place, to run for the championship in the last 10 races of the season. Houston Testicle.

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