Saturday, September 30, 2006

Indian tribes own politicians

What would it be like to dictate to Senators and Congressmen? Ask the Native Americans. Our legislators have tacked on an internet gambling ban to a port security bill. (?!) Here's the message: It's okay to gamble in Vegas, Atlantic City, and at the countless Indian casinos, but you can't gamble online. There's a reason these bastards have a 36% approval rating. Reuters via Drudge:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congress was pushing on Friday to finish legislation that would boost security at U.S. ports, but at the last minute lawmakers added provisions to prohibit Internet gambling.

    Rushing to finish their work by the weekend to go home and campaign for elections in which control of Congress is at stake, lawmakers were linking up unrelated measures in an effort to get them approved.

    The House passed an Internet gambling ban earlier this summer, but the bill had difficulty moving in the Senate. However it was a priority of Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, and attaching it to the popular port security bill appeared aimed at insuring its passage.

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