Friday, September 01, 2006

Featured America-hater of the week

Teddy "Chappaquidick" Kennedy

From the obese drunkard's website:

"The President missed yet another opportunity on Iraq. At a time that calls for serious leadership, the President is offering yet another public relations campaign. His dire warnings of the cost of failure in Iraq do nothing to make success more likely, and his stubborn insistence on staying with a failed policy all but ensures continued violence and chaos. The President's speech was a cynical attempt to help his Republican enablers survive the November elections at a time when he should be spending all of his time working to chart a new course in Iraq."

Thanks for supporting your country in times of war, Teddy.

Note that Teddy calls Bush's plans in Iraq a "failed policy," when the Democratic plan calls for running away, which is perhaps the only policy that guarantees failure.

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