Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dead stingrays, dirty Democratic tricks

Five unimportant items to enliven unimportant lives...

5. Dead stingrays with their tails cut off are found in Australia. It is probably a case of revenge for the Crocodile Hunter. Taking revenge on docile sea creatures is surely a mark of stupidity. BBC.

4. Schwarzenegger's Democratic rival, Phil Angelides, is a devious bastard. First, the media is given a recording of Arnold complimenting California's latina lawmaker, refering to her hot-blooded latin ethnicity. She even says no offence was taken. Angelides immediately released a statement saying "all Californians" were offended. Now Angelides admits he leaked the recording in the first place. AP.

3. The heir to Japan's throne, the princess's new baby boy, has been named Hisahito. The name means "Don Long" in Japanese. Yeah, it's like that. Sydney Morning Herald.

2. Blue fin tuna may be disappearing from the Mediterranean Sea. Why do I care about this? AFP.

1. Scientists are saying a meteor caused a sonic boom in New Zealand. Witnesses, however, say Michael Moore was in the country, finishing his new movie, when he passed a pizza parlor and ran in so fast he broke the sound barrier. You decide. AP.

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