Thursday, August 24, 2006

What the fuck?

Why is this so hard? Why do people who rise to decision-making capacity at a website not understand that links to PDF files need to be noted AS FUCKING LINKS TO PDFs????? Motherfuckers. If I ran an organization with a website and a web guy put on a link to a PDF without a warning, I would fire the worthless son of a bitch, and when the guy's next prospective employer called for a reference, I would say, truthfully, "I fired the guy because he's a worthless son of a bitch."

I can't decide if an unannounced link to a PDF is more like getting zapped by a bee or a mosquito.

Here's an example of a web guy (San Diego Union-Tribune) who understands the basics:

Image Hosted by

That guy at the San Diego paper makes it look easy! But it must, in reality, be very, very difficult, because some folks, like the worthless son of a bitch at The New Republic, can't grasp the concept. He just can't get his mind around it, no matter how hard he undoubtedly tries:

Image Hosted by

The link entitled "spotty" goes to a PDF, if you hadn't guessed.


Shane McAdams said...

THAT'S what you get for reading The New Republic. Chirst, what are yo doing at their site?!?!?!?!

betty said...

this post contains far too much profanity! you should post a warning or advisory stating such a thing.

The Shaved Ape said...

Okay, Da... ah, Betty. I'll get right on that.

D said...

not moi