Monday, August 21, 2006

Saddam Hussein trial Part Deux

Genocide? War crimes? Crimes against humanity? (Scotsman story here.)

Liberals must be covering their eyes and ears. If preventing a dictator from commiting genocide doesn't justify war, then for liberals there will never be justification.

It goes back to something I have mentioned before: World War II was a boon to dictators. The "never forget" mentality has warped liberals, hippies, and socialists (please excuse the redundancy).

While the rest of us non-libs consider "never forget" to mean that we should be wary of genocidal dictators and show some resolve in standing up to them, and we were too slow to stand up to Hitler in WWII, and it is such sloth that we should "never forget," liberals believe "never forget" means that the death and destruction of WWII was so extreme that one must never fight again, for any reason.

So what if 800,000 Rwandans were hacked apart with machetes? It wasn't on our continent. And so what if Pol Pot killed in excess of one million innocent people? It wasn't in my town. So many lives were lost needlessly, and brutally, in Rwanda, Cambodia, Iraq, and other places, because of this freakish liberal mindset.

All I have to say right now, to liberals, is: I will never forget how dangerous the planet has become because you can't forget.

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