Saturday, August 05, 2006

Raul Castro, Pat Robertson, and other loons

Five items to cool you down...

5. The hippies are bringing the art of Bush-hating to a new level. Castro became ill and gave temporary control of Cuba to his brother, Raul the Ghool, and a writer at Huffington Post is using that event to bash Bush! Headline: "Bush walks right into Castro's trap." The Huffington Puss.

4. A jockey head-butted a horse after he was thrown off. That'll show him, I guess. BBC.

3. Pat Robertson, after the U.S. heatwave, now believes in global warming. Fucking idiot. What will he do when we have a really cool season? Recant? Reuters.

2. Microsoft is inviting hackers to attack Vista. It's a good PR move for MS, and it just might make the next OS better. WaPo.

1. 9/11 families are critical of Stone's new film, World Trade Center. Are they upset about the level, or lack, of realism? Are they upset about how their dead relatives are portrayed? Are they upset about the portrayal of terrorists, firefighters, or policemen? Hell no! They're mad because Stone isn't giving them enough money. BBC. IMDB.


Jesus de Javier said...

Re: Item 1 - the families are upset over the Stone film because Ricky Bobby isn't starring in it.

The Shaved Ape said...

...Or his kids, Walker, and Texas Ranger.