Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Orangutans and hard drives

Five items for your reading pleasure...

5. Scott Burgess delves into the delicate balancing act Britain's government is doing between protecting the people from terrorist attacks and all-out appeasement of a threatening, murderous, minority population. The Daily Ablution.

4. A group of Mexican fisherman survived after approximately 11 months at sea. They're from Mexico's west coast, and were picked up near Taiwan in their 25-foot boat 9-11 months after getting lost at sea. Reuters via Drudge.

3. Even orangutans can get laid on the web. "Turns out some zookeepers are setting up (an orangutan online dating site) with the hope of seeing if orangutans from different zoos are compatible with each other. The mating ritual will involve allowing the orangutans to give each other some food at the push of a button. Of course, there are still a few logistical problems to work out: they need to come up with 'ape-proof cables and screens,' for example." TechDirt.

2. Hearing someone defend Internet Explorer is almost like seeing a Dodo flying around. ArsTechnica has uncovered such a thing.

1. Hitachi is planning to release the first 1 terabyte drive. What a massive thing that will be.

I recall when a friend got his first 20 megabyte hard drive, many years ago. It was extremely expensive, rare, and freaking awesome. Me and others dropped by just to see it in action.

I happen to own a 500GB drive, which is only 50% of the new Hitachi. It's full of porn -- I mean backups of my DVDs, music and miscellaneous files.

ArsTechnica has details on the new Hitachi.


hogan dandypenny said...

NONE of these five items was pleasurable reading. I want a refund.

The Shaved Ape said...

You seem like the kind of person to derive pleasure from things ordinarily viewed as unpleasurable. Therefore, you did indeed enjoy the five items.

You're welcome.