Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moon landing faked

NASA has lost the original recordings of the first moon landing. The TV broadcast recordings still exist, but the quality is very low compared to the now lost film shot by NASA. Will conspiracy theorists latch on to this as more evidence? Will Democrats blame it on Bush, as they blame every other problem in the world?


    Armstrong's famous space walk, seen by millions of viewers on July 20, 1969, is among transmissions that NASA has failed to turn up in a year of searching, spokesman Grey Hautaloma said.

From a moon landing site:

    "How can the flag be fluttering?" the 47 year old American kept asking himself when there's no wind on the atmosphere free Moon? That moment was to be the beginning of an incredible Space odyssey for the self- taught engineer from New Jersey.

Beware self-taught engineers.

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cheeser johnson-from-wisconsin said...

how do you know they actually had an "original film" of it at all? It's ALL a conspiracy.

The Shaved Ape said...

Yeah, yeah, along with the space aliens tucked away beneath the Denver airport. Astrology is real, too. I do know, for a fact, that Lenny Bruce shot JFK.