Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Agassi moves forward, Annan back

Five items to numb your senses...

5. The Perky One will interview Bush on her first evening at CBS News. Couric will likely change her hair nine times between now and then, and apply at least four pounds of eye liner for the perky event. MediaBistro via Drudge.

4. Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS) in San Francisco? A man named Omeed Aziz Popal ran down 14 people. I haven't heard if Popal is Muslim or not, but the whole story sounds like several other SJS incidents around the nation in the last two years.

SJS occurs when an otherwise "moderate" Muslim gives in to the hatred heard at the local mosque, running down people in a Jeep, or shooting them with a handgun -- all in the name of Allah, no less. San Francisco Testicle.

3. Coffee Cup Annan, an undeniable terrorist sympathizer, offers an olive branch to Lebanon's armed terrorist organization, Hezbollah. For this he is booed and heckled, forcing him to retreat with his armed bodyguards. Perhaps one day reality will dawn on the corrupt UN Secretary General. News.com.au.

2. Cops nabbed Warren Jeffs today. He's the Mormon polygamist who, almost beyond belief, made it onto the FBI's Most Wanted list. Typically we have folks like Osama bin Laden, bank robbers, and serial rapists on the FBI list. Nobody has satisfactorily explained the significance of a cultish polygamist. BBC.

1. Andre Agassi advances in his final tennis tournament. The 36-year-old great is not expected to win the US Open against the likes of Federer and Nadal, but it will be a momentus exodus for a genuine superstar. Thursday Agassi plays Marcos Baghdadis. Sydney Morning Herald.

Also, the first challenge in Open tennis history was made. Details at usopen.org.


Shane McAdams said...

item 4: pbuh, the poor feller....he must really hate "whitey"!

The Shaved Ape said...

Yeah. I was right in my guess. Did I racially profile?