Thursday, June 08, 2006

Detox for gamers, border webcams, and other stuff

Five items for your relaxation...

5. A new 'detox clinic' has opened in Europe for video game addicts. Where was this when I needed it? The venerable Atari 2600 was a gateway game system for me. Breitbart via Drudge.

4. Babs Streisand is going on a climate change tour. That seems fitting, seeing as the climate on the end of her Everest-like nose is different than what surrounds the liberal crooner. She cited an "urgent need for private citizen support to combat dangerous climate change." Wow. Algore really got to her. Reuters.

3. Liberals are not on our side. If you need even more evidence than CNN or ABC-NBC-CBS, try this on for size.

2. Reuters offers this headline: NATO vows to boost Afghan mission despite violence. Despite? Violence is a great reason to expand the mission. Now you know why Reuters is dubbed "al-Reuters". They, along with European socialists and U.S. liberals, think that when things get tough, we should run away.

1. Texas's governor wants to install webcams on the border. I think the idea is terrific. It would be great entertainment, and the people of America can get a look at the problems along the border, since hearing about 1.5-3 million illegals flooding in every year isn't doing much. AP.

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