Friday, June 16, 2006

Dems say we'll lose war on terror, and other stuff

Five items to crush your spirit...

5. In a political stunt, House Repblicans passed a resolution stating that "the United States will prevail in the Global War on Terror, the struggle to protect freedom from the terrorist adversary." Stunt though it was, 149 Democrats, an overwhelming majority of them, voted "nay." I don't like political stunts, but what I like less are liberals who think we're going to lose, or at best, think we're not at war., via Drudge.

4. I have met three Iraqis in the last two years -- the only three I've ever met. One is a Kurd from Mosul, another is from Basrah, and another from a town in the west of the country. All three have different religious-ethic affiliations. All believe the Iraq War was a wonderful thing. Last night the guy from the western part of Iraq said that under Saddam if you were caught with a cell phone or satellite dish, you would be killed. He also said he would never forget what the U.S. military did for his country. He kissed his fingers and held his hand up and said, "Freedom is a great thing."

This is a sharp contrast to the words of Hillarious Clinton, who recently called the war a "strategic blunder," and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who called it a "grotesque mistake." San Francisco Testicle.

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Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House Leader

3. Help me with this. How can Iran, a nation that violated the NPT by enriching uranium in secret for a minimum of three years, and says it will use a 'nuclear defense' to any attack, be doing anything other than developing nuclear technology for weapons? AP.

2. Cynthia McKinney is off the hook. What happens if you or I strike a police officer? AP.

1. World Cup: Angola and Mexico in 0-0 tie. Do you remember a story that came out a few years back, which said there were more land mines in Angola than people? I wonder if that's why Angolans are getting good at soccer. They're used to running around the mines. AP.

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